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Flame’s Dream, Juked

Who Will Be Frenchy?

Three Poems, Poor Claudia

Needs Citation, THE FEM

Animul Sonnut, Bennington Review
Time Alone

Sonnet for Rivulet, Drunken Boat (audio)

Drowning, Up the Staircase Quarterly (audio)

Animul/Flame, So to Speak
Flame’s Lessons

The Call, Café Review

Notes I & II, Horse Less Review (video)

Cemetery Hill, DASH

Ophelia as Sea Urchin, Indiana Review

Char’s Sorrow, Your Impossible Voice
Char’s Lesson
Flame’s Relief

Cut, Never Eaten, LUMINA
Neither Amber Nor Rust

Ophelia as Sea Urchin Looks at Photographs, Spoon River Poetry Review

Animul & other poems Jet Fuel Review

The Funniest Thing You Ever Heard,
The Feminist Wire

What Is Your Desiderata, Curator

Polyester: A Legacy, Requited Journal
Polyester: A Legacy
Polyester: A Legacy

Waking Life, Stirring: A Literary Collection


May 2017:
Two Poems
Women’s Studies Quarterly/Feminist Press,
Patricia Smith, poetry editor

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